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Meditations and Mindfulness practices offered for you

Private Lessons:

​Receive private, personalized instruction in the comfort of your own home or local studio space. I offer group and private lessons at Revive in Flushing, MI and at Joe Luv FIT in Flint MI

Group Meditations:  

Attend a scheduled meditation class or workshop.  Group Meditations are every Thursday at 7:30pm at Revive in Flushing MI  The cost for drop in classes is simply a donation.  Every Tuesday at Joe Luv FIT in Flint MI the cost for this workshop/meditation is $10 and Fridays at The Stockton Center in Flint MI, this is also a donation based workshop.


Host a SEED (Simple Easy Everyday) Meditation workshop for your corporation or community.  The workshop can be customized to work best for your group or community.

Call or email for price information.  Workshops and group meditations can be customized to fit your group

Mission Statement

My mission  is  to  grow  consciousness  and  create  peace  in  the  world  through  education  and  training  of  simple daily meditation and  mindfulness  practices  increasing self awareness,  well being,  and  quality  of life


What is Meditation:  Meditation is a series of techniques and processes both ancient and modern that help to comfort the nervous system.  Meditation is now becoming mainstream, probably due to the high  amounts of stress our modern lives can create. It is practiced by  millions of people around the world. 

Meditation is not about forcing your mind to be quiet. It is a  process that allows one to rediscover the quietness that is already  there and ever present. Behind the constant dialogue of our mind, there  is a silence, a pure awareness which is not disturbed by thoughts of the  past or concerns of the future. This field of silence is what we access  when we meditate.

Why Should I Meditate

The reasons one choses to meditate are as unique as that individual.  Some of the reasons people decide to incorporation meditation into their  daily life are:

To find their purpose in life. To find happiness. To be healthier, and to feel better. To get through a tough transition (a job change, divorce, death of a loved one, health challenge, etc.). To be clearer, and to improve their ability to focus and make better decisions. To find that something that is missing from their life, sometimes even when they have everything that they thought they wanted. To increase their creativity.To increase their level of relaxation and confidence. To decrease or prevent stress. To treat a physical or emotional disease, which activates a healing response. To prevent disease.To treat depression. To feel more connected to everyone and everything.